It's been too long!!!

Wow, and I thought I'd have more time to blog once Lucy started pre-school.  WRONG!  Life is crazy fun and crazy busy right now.  I am renewing my effort to post more regularly and catch up a bit....we shall see! 

This fall we had the opportunity to do some hiking with the kids.  Although there was some grumbling from the wee ones about being tired, they managed to mostly enjoy the 2 mile hikes.  All the squirrels, colorful leaves, gorgeous vistas, rocky outcrops and fungus surely helped distract them from their complaints!
 We want our kids to love being apart of nature and respect the earth and the only way to achieve that is to get them out in it.  I only wish there were more hiking opportunities near our home....ah well, it's on the wish list!
 One day our dear friends Devin and Johnny were able to join us and it was a blast!!!! 
 Of course, Ms. Lottie Dottie was in HEAVEN being off leash and allowed to run with the wind.  She has proven herself to be very trustworthy in the woods.

 I will leave you with that today.
May you be healthy.  May you be safe.  May you be happy.  May you have ease in living.  Big love to you!