Waiting for Heidi

I had the awesome opportunity to co-host a baby shower for my dear friend Cassie a few weekends ago at our house.  It was a great opportunity for the ladies to get together without our wee ones and *gasp* actually finish the conversations that we started! 
Luckily Cassie was cool that I can't bare group games and your typical pink decor and loved the seasonal theme.  I made fruit kebabs and I love how they turned out!!  This is such a fun project.  I just grabbed a pretty pot I already had, bought a block of foam and used a carving knife to trim it to fit tightly and covered it in florist moss (I had some but you can get it anywhere they sell silk flowers).  Then I cut honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon into thin slices.  I took miniature cookie cutters to cut out shapes and also used a melon baller for some pieces.   Then I just threaded them onto a kabob stick.  I took a strawberry and cut the top of it crosswise to slip in a blackberry and...VOILA!  A little labor intensive but I think well worth the effort.
This cake was done by a Brandy's cousin....sooooo cute!  And delicious.  Since Cassie is such a huge book fan we had everyone write their well wishes in a book for the baby instead of buying a card.  I had heard that idea before and was pleased to say it worked well!  And less bound for the recycling bin!
It was a really fun afternoon!  Can't wait to mee you baby Heidi!