Football Games

 This fall we have gone to a couple of  the local high school football games with our dear friends, the Adlers.  Brandy's Mama is an AMAZING fabric artist, and she made Lucy and Myles matching t-shirts.  I mean, come on, could they be any cuter??!!!  (Sorry for the blurry photos, it is hard to catch these two in a still moment!)
 If I was down with arranged marriages, the paperwork for this union would have already been drawn up!  Myles is such a love bug and he finds Lucy totally irresistible.  He is always trying to sneak in a hug or pat, much to Lucy's dismay! It is totally adorable! As much as she acts like she doesn't want the attention sometimes, all week it's Myles Mybles this, Mybles that! 
 Griffin has been loving going to the games too!  He spends 5% of the time watching the game and 95% of the time hanging out with his good friend, Danye.  It is such a safe place, we felt good giving him the run of the place and him and Danye have a blast visiting all their friends, running back and forth behind the bleachers, catching bugs and frequenting the snack bar. 
We are really enjoying our place in this community.


MountainWave said…
love love love seeing friendships in action